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Our Purpose

Our Purpose Is To Help Make Your Business Better.

While a lot of IT support companies you may deal with will have overwrought mission statements and complicated acronyms to explain their set of core values, Burnt Orange believes that a simple list of focuses in the way we provide service is the best way to guarantee quality for all our clients. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we don’t bother with unnecessary service gimmicks that sound impressive but amount to nothing in the end.

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We focus on the following simple and effective priorities to ensure that you’re provided with the highest quality of service:

  • Customer First – While every company says this, it really is central to our service. If we don’t keep you happy — both the bosses and the staff at your company—it will affect our business just as much as yours.
  • Prevention – We have spent a lot of time and money putting systems in place to prevent unnecessary interruptions to your business. We monitor the whole of your network to spot issues before they are a problem, often fixing issues before you have even noticed, without getting in your way.
  • Time is Money – We have all seen engineers of various types — mechanics, plumbers, and yes, even IT technicians — spend far too much time faffing around and making a job take four times as long as it should. Our aim is to get you, your staff and your processes going again as quick as possible.
  • Buy Nice or Buy Twice – We insist on the best of equipment in our clients’ environments. We have seen companies waste thousands of dollars by buying cheap and then fighting with their purchase to make it work, or to repair it after a short period. We have this mandate for quality because we know that the proper kit in place makes your (and our) life so much easier in the long run.
  • We Work For You – Have you ever been caught between two “experts” telling you something different? Burnt Orange knows how common this is, which is why we will handle it for you. As a part of your team, we deal with third parties that blame each other, complicate maintenance processes and delay resolutions. If software provider A is telling you it is hardware provider B’s problem and vice versa, we step in, take a proper look, and tell whoever is at fault that it is ‘their’ issue, leaving you to get back to work. 

Burnt Orange offers a committed service to help grow your Saskatoon business! To learn more about what we can do for your IT systems, contact us today at (306) 986 2600 or send us an email at .  

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