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IT Support for Accounting Firms

Does your current business technology only just meet your needs as a company? With the right support, you IT can do more to help your business succeed in its industry.

Burnt Orange understands that accounting firms value services that simplify management of time and tasks, and ensure sensitive data is always secure. Information technology is a vital part of your daily operations, so we want to work with you to guarantee you’re getting the right services and support for whenever you need it. Your industry is one in which details are incredibly important, with a single overlooked decimal or missing record having extensive affects on your business. Don’t risk it all with faulty Information Technology.

Have you settled for generic IT support? To get industry-specific services for your Saskatoon accounting firm today, be sure to get in touch with Burnt Orange at (306) 986--2600 or . 

How Can Managed Services Help Your Business?

Burnt Orange provides comprehensive managed services that every business needs, with a focus on proactive support and lasting solutions to ensure your accounting firm is always operating productively and efficiently. Instead of dealing with multiple vendors, you can choose Burnt Orange as your managed services provider to get a range of support services such as firewall and anti-virus software management, data backup, Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) features and more. By outsourcing your IT concerns to a trusted provider like us, you can enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Reliable Partnership: Imagine not having to worry about business technology ever again! We want to make technology a simple part of your daily work life by providing reasonable and friendly support that makes a real difference in your business.
  • Maximum Uptime: The worse your IT support, the more your systems will be down, which results in lesser return on your business investments. With IT support from Burnt Orange, you can enjoy minimal downtime and maximum productivity.
  • Strategic Planning: In addition to active support that keeps you running efficiently Burnt Orange also offers Virtual Chief Information Officer services, which help you to plan your technology effectively for the future of your business.

Don’t bother with IT support that fails to understand what your Saskatoon business needs to excel in its industry! To learn more about what we can do for your business’ IT systems, contact Burnt Orange at (306) 986--2600 or today.

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